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garca1a Maqplas is a flexible packaging Company. We manufacture machinery and accessories for cut and seal, with solutions for the most diverse needs, keeping in mind quality and agility. Recognized for our seriousness, variety of products, experience and creativity, 

Maqplas uses high technology, compatible with what is known to be modern in our market, besides having highly technical equipment to give the necessary support and guarantee the highest quality in our products.

The advantage with Maqplas is that our equipment is modern, versatile, high production with a cost-benefit advantage over our competitors. We always have in mind the purpose to give our customer the best attention and to improve on our equipment and service, Maqplas is in of constant development and market globalization.


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Av. Dr. Lab. Costa Machado 3352

CEP 17.400-000 - Garça - SP



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Tel: +55 (14) 3737-0556

Garça - SP