CRB 1.100


   Technical Data

Cut of Woven Material for Big Bag

The CRB system is a computerized system and uses servomotors for the positioning of the material. The SSW leaves the plant prepared to receive accessories which are controlled by the SSW, which allow for adjustments in the programing of the system while in operation.


Manufacture bags from 45 mm (1.75”) to 60 mm (2.3”) in length

  High production,
Low Consumption,
Best cost-benefit ratio in the market.
 Length 5.500 mm  
 Width 1.700 mm  
 Weight 1.400 mm  
 Length of transport table OP. 1.000 mm  
 Air Consumption 420 Nl/min 
 Operation Requirements 3,5 Kw 
 Installed Requirements 5,3 Kw  
 Voltage 220 / 380 V  


Big-bag – Baler