CSTR 690


   Technical Data

Trapezoidal Cut and Seal

This trapezoidal CSTR 690 system is a computerized machine to manufacture side seal packages for flowers and plants cultivated in orchards with a trapezoidal shape in materials such as LDPE, HDPE or PP on printed or unprinted film.

The material has a high precision positioning obtained using servomotors controlled by the computer.

  High Production, up to 120 packages per minute;
Best cost-benefit ratio in the market;
Low consumption.
Length   5.770 mm
Width 1.350 mm
Height   1.900 mm
Web Width  600 mm
Air Consumption 1.000 Nl/min
Operational Requirements 1,8 Kw
Total Requirements 2,9 Kw
Voltage 220 V
Type os Seals


  Trapezoidal Packages for Hort-Fruit Trapezoidal Packages for Flowers Trapezoidal Packages for Grapes
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