CSTR 800


   Technical Data

Trapezoidal Cut and Seal

The Trapezoidal CSTR 800 is a computerized system, comprising of servo motors for the positioning of the material and for the actuating and controlling of the time in the seal bars.

This system makes trapezoidal blocks and pre-cut packages for flowers or vegetables, in PP or BOPP printed or unprinted, in measurements and shapes as per the customer requirements.

  High Output;
Low Consumption;
best cost-benefit ration in the market.
 Length   5.090 mm
 Width   1.600 mm
 Height   1.570 mm
 Web Width 800 mm
 Air Consumption 650 Nl/min
 Operation Requirements 3,5 Kw
 Total Requirements 5,4 Kw
 Voltage 220 V

Types os Seals


  Trapezoidal Packages for Hort-Fruit Trapezoidal Packages for Flowers Trapezoidal Packages for Grapes
sem-foto trapezoidal  trapezoidal-para-uva


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