NCS 800 - 1100 VL


   Technical Data

Manufacture of Side Valve Bags

This is a computerized equipment using servomotors for the movement of the web and to control of the sealing heads.

Comprises of a tower to fold and manufacture packages with side valve bags in LDPE, HDPE, PP and Lineal bags on printed or unprinted film.

High production; 2 HP electric motor which is controlled by a micro processed frequency converter, makes the unwind of the second triangle in the tower with a valve, low consumption, sealing time independent of the web speed, best cost-benefit ration in the market.
  800 VL 1.100 VL
 Length 11.000 mm 6.900 mm  
 Width 2.700 mm 1.080 mm  
 Height 800 mm 1.600 mm  
 Length of Receiving Table OP. 2.000 mm 660 mm
 Operation Consumption 8,43 Kw 12,3 Kw 
 Installed Workload 10,79 Kw 22 Kw  
 Voltage 220 / 380 V 220 / 380 V  
Types of Seal


Packages with Side Valve Packages with Industrial Bottom Seals
 valvula-lateral  solda-fundo-industrial


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