Technical Information

Cut and Seal
 Our NCS and NCSD line of machines of cut and seal systems are computerized and use servomotors to position the web and also to control the movement and time of the seal bar.  They leave our plant ready to receive accessories.  They manufacture bags of LDPE, HDPE, PP and linear; on printed or unprinted film, varying from 70 mm (2.75”) to 1200mm (47.20”) in machine direction.
Types of Seals
  High Production / Low Consumption; time of seal is controlled independently of the speed; best cost-benefit ration of the market. High performance in all types of seals.
  800 1.100 1.400 1.100 1.400
Length 7.000 mm 7.000 mm 7.000 mm 7.000 mm 7.000 mm
Width 1.450 mm 1.750 mm 2.100 mm 1.300 mm 2.100 mm
Height 1.300 mm 1.300 mm 1.300 mm 1.300 mm 1.300 mm
Maximum Length 2.000 mm 2.000 mm 2.000 mm 2.000 mm 2.000 mm
Air Pressure at 06 Bar 350Nl/min 350Nl/min 390Nl/min 350Nl/min 390Nl/min
Installed Workload 5,4Kw 6,5 Kw 6,9 Kw 7,5 Kw 8,0 Kw
Operation Consumption 3,5 Kw 4,4 Kw 4,9 Kw 5,3 Kw 5,9 Kw
Voltage 220 V 220/380 V 220/380 V 220/380 V 220/380 V


Packages with Side Seal PE-PP-BOPP Packages for animal food Diaper Packages Courier Bag Packages
 solda-lateral-pe  racao-animal para-fraldas currier-bag
Packages with Industrial Bottom Seals Bags with “C” Shaped Hooks Packages with Side Seal Continuous Zipper Supermarket Type Packages
solda-fundo-industrial sacola-vazada-em-c solda-lateral-ziper-continuo embalagens-camisetas-sacola-plastica


Continuous Sealing Tower Continuous Zipper Applicator Tower for Animal Food Bags Tower for Diaper Packages
 torre-de-solda-continua  colocacao-ziper torre-de-racao-1 torre-fraldas
Folding Triangle with Web Guide  Double Folding Triangle with Web Guide Gusetter (disc) Self-Adhesive Tape Applicator
triangulo-dobrador triangulo-duplo sanfonador-de-fundo aplicador-de-fita-adesiva
Pneumatic Press Chicken Foot Perforator Hot Melt Applicator Courier Bag Tower
Aplicador-de-hot-Melt torre-de-solda-continua