Pouch Light LGH 400 / 3000


   Technical Data

Cut and Seal Pouch Light

The Cut and Seal system Pouch Light LGH 400 / 3000 is a Pouch style system in films, co-extrusions or laminates (BOPP or Polyester with PE) on printed or unprinted film. It has an intermittent transversal seal bar, and guillotine type slitting system.


High precision in the films positioning done by a servomotor with the entire system controlled by a computer.


  The length is controlled by the computer; seal time controlled independently from the speed; temperature controlled electronically; cutting blades with four cutting edges; high quality continuous longitudinal seal; quick acceleration, obtaining an increase of over 50% in the production of packaging with long seals.
 Length 5.770 mm  
 Width 800 mm  
 Height 1.900 mm  
 Web Width 400 mm  
 Air Consumption 1.000 Nl/min  
 Operational Requirements 2,3 Kw  
 Installed Requirements 3,5 Kw  
 Voltage 220 V  
Types of Seals


Laminated Pouch Packages and Nylon Poli Paper with Visor Pouch Packages Paper Pouch Packages
with 45┬║ Seal
 pouch-laminadas-e-nylon-poli  pouch-papel-com-visor pouch-papel-com-45graus
4 Seal Type Pouch Bags T type Pouch Sealed Bags Sign (BOPP)
solda-pouch-4-bordas solda-pouch-com-tipo-t corte-a-frio


Continuous Zipper Applicator Folding Triangle
with Web Guide
 Double Folding Triangle with Web Guide Gusetter (disc)
colocacao-ziper   triangulo-dobrador triangulo-duplo sanfonador-de-fundo
Self-Adhesive Tape Applicator Chicken Foot Perforator Folding unit with continuous longitudinal sealer
aplicador-de-fita-adesiva furador-de-galinha dobrador-pouchlight