CSTR 690


   Technical Data

Automatic Cut and Seal with Extreme Top Valve Type Seal

Our system VT 720 is a machine that automatically manufactures, in one process, bags with valves in the extreme top and a straight bottom seal, starting form a roll of material of LDPE leaving the bag completely finished.

  Cut and Seals the package by eye sensor; Cuts the length of the valves; Packages made in one continuous process; Computer controlled; Production rate of 10 or more bags per minute.
  Length 5.750 mm 
  Width 2.350 mm 
  height 2.100 mm 
  Total Weight 3.200 mm 
  Air Consumption 280 Nl/min 
  Total Requirements 4 Kw 
  Voltage 220 / 380 V 


Packages with Extreme top Valve